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Juan Vespucci, Map of the World

Vespucci, Juan

            Map of the World. (Seville, 1526). Barcelona: Ediciones Grial, 1998. With accompanying booklet: Mapa portulano de Juan Vespucci by Angel Paladini Cuadrado. 40p.   PRICE: $995.00
            A full-color, full-size (85 x 262 cm.) facsimile of this important portolan chart. Printed on simulated parchment and mounted on a burlap backing. Limited, notarized edition of 921 copies.


Codding, Mitchell A.
“Encuadernaciones de cartas ejecutorias de los siglos XVI y XVII en la Hispanic Society of America”. Encuadernación de Arte 10 (1997), pp. 4-28. Col. illus. Complete number, 68p. Softcover $20.00

Penney, Clara Louisa.
            An Album of Selected Bookbindings. 1967. 33p. 61 pl. incl. col. front. Cloth $20.00  Introduction to the binder's craft in Spain through six centuries, with illustrations, glossary, bibliography, list of binders.

            [Biblia en lemonsin. (Valencian Bible)]. (Valencia: Alfonso Fernández de Códoba y Lambert Palmart, 1478). Valenica: Generalitat Valenciana, 1999.
1 leaf.  Unbound $15.00  A full-color reproduction of the only extant leaf of the Bible translation by Bonifacio Ferrer.

Cancionero de Baena

                Foreword by Henry R. Lang. 1926. 380p. 1971 reprint.     Cloth $

Cebes' Tablet: Facsimiles of the Greek Text, and of Selected Latin, French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, and Polish Translations. Intro. Sandra Sider. New York: Renaissance Society of America, 1979. 229p. facs.  Cloth $29.00

                Two Facsimiles (1499? and 1528). 1995.  316p.Hardcover $30.00
                Facsimiles of two important editions of La Celestina: the only known copy of the Fadrique de Basilea first edition of 1499, and the Cromberger edition of 1528.

Comedia de Calisto y Melibea. Burgos 1499. Ed. Emilio de Miguel. Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 1999. 2 vols. Vol. 1: Facsimile; Vol. 2: Introduction, transcription and modernized version. 399p.
Deluxe edition, slipcased: $125.00  
Standard edition:

El Cid Campeador.
            Coronica del famoso cauallero Cid Ruy diez campeador (Burgos, March 31, 1512). 1903. 260p. 1967 reprint.     Cloth $40.00

            Coronica del muy esforçado y inuencible cauallero el Cid ruy diaz campeador delas Españas (Toledo, July 2, 1526).
1903. 207p. 1967 reprint.     Cloth $50.00

Coastal Charts of the Americas and West Africa from the School of Luis Teixeira, circa 1585. With introductory essay by Sandra Sider. 1993. Gulbenkian Facsimile Series No. 1. 16 loose col. pl.; 32p. booklet with 7 illus.    

Large paper portfolio $

Colón, Fernando.
Catalogue of the Library of Ferdinand Columbus. Reproduced in Facsimile from the Unique Manuscript in tbe Columbine Library of Seville. 1905. 260p. 1967 reprint.     Cloth $50.00

Hebrew Bible.
            Facsimiles from an Illuminated Hebrew Bible of the Fifteenth Century at The Hispanic Society of America. 1993. Gulbenkian Facsimile Series No. 2. 29 loose col. pl.; 24p. Illus. booklet.   Portfolio $50.00
Portfolio of 29 illuminated pages reproduced in full color, from Hebrew Bible MS. B241.

Juana Inés de la Cruz see Zatrilla y Vico, José.

Medieval Manuscript Treasures at The Hispanic Society of America. 1993. 16p. 14 col. pl. Paper $6.00  Color reproductions of illuminated initials from medieval manuscripts included in the Nov. 5, 1993 — Jan. 21, 1994 exhibition.

Oliveros de Castilla.
            La historia delos nobles caualleros Oliueros de castilla y artus dalgarbe (Burgos, May 25, 1499). 1902. 102p. 1967 reprint.
              Folded in sheets, unopened and unsewn $20.00

[Resende, García de].
Cancioneiro geral: Cum preuilegio. (Lixhoa, September 28, 1516). 1904. 466p. 1967 reprint.  Cloth $95.00

Tirant lo Blanch.
Tirant lo Blanc (Valencia, 20 November, 1490). 1904. 776p. 1967 reprint.      Cloth $95.00

Villuga, Pedro Juan.
            Reportorio de todos los caminos de España... (Medina del Campo,1546). 1902. 239p. 1967 reprint. Cloth $

Zatrilla y Vico, José.
            Poema heroico al merecido aplauso del unico oraculo de las musas … Soror Juana Inés de la Cruz (Barcelona, 1696). Monterrey, Mexico: Al Voleo El Troquel, 1993. xi, 38p.
2 illus.  Softcover $30.00

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