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New York Hispanic Society
(Hispanic Society Publications / Distributed by LEA)

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Grinnell, George Bird.

            Audubon Park: The History of the Site of The Hispanic Society of America and Neighbouring Institutions.
1927. 30p. Illus. 1986 reprint. Paper $10.00

The Hispanic Society of America. Handbook: Museum and Library Collections
. 1938. 443p. 597 illus.       Cloth $20.00
CONTENTS: Foreword; Paintings; Sculpture; Ceramics; Glass; Gold and Silverwork; Ironwork; Furniture; Textiles; Laces and Embroideries; Manuscript Maps; Prints; Manuscripts and Books

García-Mazas, José.
El poeta y la escultora. La España que Huntington conoció. Madrid: Revista de Occidente/HSA, 1962. 525p. 29 illus.    Paper $35.00

Nykl, A. R.
            Archer Milton Huntington, 10 March 1870 ‑ 11 December 1955: In Memoriam. Bethel, CT, 1956. 15p.       Paper $5.00

Proske, Beatrice Gilman.
            Archer Milton Huntington. 1963. 28p. 9 illus.       Cloth $5.00
                 Spanish trans. by María Brey Mariño. 1965. Cloth $5.00
            A tribute to the Founder and first President of The Hispanic Society of America.


Faulhaber, Charles B.

            Medieval Manuscripts in the Library of The Hispanic Society of America: Religious, Legal, Scientific, Historical, and Literary Manuscripts. 1983. 2 vols.: Text,  664; Vol. II: Indices, xiv + 245 + 46 pp., 52 illus. incl. 16 col. pl. Cloth $95.00

            Medieval Manuscripts in the Library of The Hispanic Society of America, Part Two: Documents and Letters. 1993. 1 vol. 752, 33 illus. incl. 8 col. pl..     Cloth $135.00

Aegidius Corboliensis.
            Incunabula in the Library of The Hispanic Society of America. (Aegidius Corboliensis, Gilles de Corbeil, known as, fl. ca. 1200. Liber urinarum et de pulsibus. Salamanca, [Second gothic group?, ca. 1496]). 1928. 3p., 2 facs.       Paper $3.00

[Arias Montano, Benito].
            Benito Arias Montano.
By Aubrey F. G. Bell. Oxford University Press/HSA. 1922. 96p.          Paper $19.00

[Ayala, Francisco].
            Bibliografía de Francisco Ayala.
By Andrés Amorós. Bibliotheca Hispana Novissima, 4. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University, Centro de Estudios Hispánicos, 1973. 95p.                        Paper $15.00 

Beardsley, Thedore S. Jr.
                Hispano-Classical Translations Printed Between 1482 and 1699. Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, 1970. 176p. Illus. Cloth $25.00

  The Hispanic Society of America. Catalogue of the Library

Boston: G.K. Hall, 1962. 10 v. Cloth $1,295.00.
                First Supplement. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1970. 4v.    Cloth $750.00
Photographic reproduction of the main card catalogue.
NOTE: This is an extremely rare item, now OUT-OF-PRINT.

Boletín de la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española.
1 (1976).                       188p.                      Paper         $75.00. Now long out-of-print.
2‑3 (1977‑78).               188p.                      Paper         $
4-5 (1979-80).               l95p.                       Paper        
6-7 (1985‑86).               163p.                      Paper        
8 (1992).                       l59p.                       Paper        
9-10 (1999)                   285p.                      Paper        

Camões, Luis de.

            Tbe Lusiads. Trans. Leonard Bacon, incl. introduction and notes.
1950. 435p. 3 maps. 1980 reprint.    Paper $35.00

 Celestina, 1499           Celestina 1499-1999.
A checklist of editions, translations, and adaptations in the library of The Hispanic Society of America. Compiled by John O’Neill. 1999. 20p. Illus.  Paper $8.00. A bibliographic guide issued to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the first edition of Celestina.

            Concordance to the Celestina. Compiled by Lloyd A. Kasten and Jean Anderson. Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1977, 240p. 8 p. facs.     Cloth $25.00.  Companion to Celestina (1499) facsimile.

            Early Celestina Electronic Texts and Concordances. Eds. Ivy A. Corfis, John O’Neill and Theodore S. Beardsley, Jr. Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies/HSA, 1997. With accompanying 17p. booklet.   CD-ROM $25.00
Contains semi-paleografic, electronic transcriptions of 21 early Celestina texts, accompanied by their complete, individual concordances and frequency lists, as well as combined alphabetic/frequency listings of all texts.

Fernando de Rojas. Approaching the Fifth Century.  Eds. Ivy A. Corfis and Joseph T. Snow. Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1993. 439p.  Cloth $45.00
See also Facsimiles.

El Cid Campeador.
            Poem of the Cid. Reprinted from the Unique Manuscript at Madrid. Trans. Archer M. Huntington, incl. Notes. 1942. 513p. Cloth $35.00
See also Facsimiles.

[Corrêa, Gaspar].
            Gaspar Corrêa. By Aubrey F. G. Bell. Oxford University Press/HSA, 1924.
93p.        Paper $19.00

[Correa, Gustavo].
Studies in Honor of Gustavo Correa. Eds. Charles B. Faulhaber, Richard P. Kinkade, and T. A. Perry. Potomac, MD: Scripta humanistica, 1986. 229p.
    Cloth. $25.00
[Couto, Diogo do].
            Diogo do Couto.
By Aubrey F. G. Bell. Oxford University Press/HSA 1924. 82p.          Paper $15.00   

Dunn, Joseph.

A Grammar of the Portuguese Language. 1928. 669p. 1977 reprint. Cloth $39.00

[Foulché-Delbosc, Raymond].

            Raymond Foulché-Delbosc. By Alexander Haggerty Krappe.
1930. 15p. 2 illus.      Paper $3.00

Foulché-Delbosc, R. and L. Barrau-Dihigo.

            Manuel de l'hispanisant. 1920, 1925. 2v. 533; 446p. 1970 reprint. 
Cloth $95.00

Generation of ’98.
Generation of ‘98: Twelve Portraits and Twelve Texts. By Julia Fitzmaurice Kelly.
1975. 16p. 24 slides (11 color, 13 b & w).Boxed $19.00

García Lorca, Federico.
Amor de Don Perlimplín con Belisa en su jardín. Ed. Margarita Ucelay. Madrid: Cátedra, 1990.
296p.    Paper $15.00
                Edition based on typescript in HSA Library.

            García Lorca: Playwright and Poet. By Mildred Adams. New York: Braziller, 1977.
204p. Cloth $25.00

García y García, Antonio.
            Los manuscritos jurídicos medievales de la Hispanic Society of America. 1964. 63p.      Paper $12.00

Góngora y Argote, Luis de.

Obras poéticas. Ed. Raymond Foulché-­Delbosc. 1921. 3 vols. 1970 reprint.     Cloth $75.00

            Concordancias lexicográficas de la Obra Poética de don Luis de Góngora.
Compiled by Javier Núñez Cáceres. Madison: Hispanic Seminary of  Medieval Studies/HSA, 1993.    Cloth $49.00  Based on the Foulché-Delbosc edition.

Gutiérrez González, Heliodoro Javier.
            El español en El Barrio de Nueva York: Estudio léxico. New York: Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española, 1993. 440p.  Hardcover $60.00

Hills, Elijah Clarence.
The Odes of Bello, Olmedo and Heredia. New York: HSA/G.P. Putnam's, 1920. 153p.     Paper $19.00

Huntington, Archer Milton.
            Alfonso the Eighth Rides By. 1934. 72p.  Paper $10.00
            America. 1933. 72p.      Paper $10.00
            Collected Verse. 1953. 424p.     Cloth $29.00
            A Flight of Birds. 1938. 267p.   Cloth $19.00
            The Lace Maker of Segovia. 1928. 109p.          Cloth $10.00
            The Ladies of Valbona. 1934. 109p.      Cloth $10.00
            Moraima's Tower.
1933. 27p.    Paper $5.00
            Polvo. 1933. 37p.          Paper $5.00
1949. 126p. Cloth $10.00
            Rimas. 1936. 203p.        Cloth $19.00
            The Sea. 1933. 23p.      Paper $5.00
            Spain and Africa. 1943. 169p.  Cloth $10.00
            Tapestry 2. 1952. 57p.  Cloth $10.00
            The Torch Bearers. 1955. 100p.            Cloth $10.00
            Torn Sails of Faith. 1933. 24p. Paper $5.00
            Turning Pages.
1950. 74p.        Paper $10.00
            Vela Venenosa. 1936. 87p.        Paper $10.00
1952. 98p.        Paper $10.00

Jones, William M. ed.
            The Present State of Scholarship in Sixteenth-Century Literature. Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press, 1978. 257p. Cloth $35.00

Journal of the American Portuguese Society 12 (1978). 76p. Paper $10.00
                Bilingual issue of modern Portuguese poetry with translations by Jean R. Longland, Alberto de Lacerda, and others.

[Kasten, Lloyd A.].
Studies in Honor of Lloyd A. Kasten. Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1975. 300p. Cloth $35.00

[Lopez, Fernam].
            Fernam Lopez. By Aubrey F. G. Bell. Oxford University Press/HSA, 1921.
62p.        Paper $15.00

[Machado, Antonio].
Antonio Machado: With Translations of Selected Poems. By Alice Jane McVan. 1959. 256p. 6 illus. Cloth. $25.00

A Manual of Exorcism. Trans. Eunice Beyersdorf and J. D. Brady. 1974. 96p. Softcover $10.00

[McPheeters, D. W.]
Renaissance and Golden Age Essays in Honor of D. W. McPheeters. Ed. Bruno M. Damiani.
Potomac, MD: Scripta humanistica, 1986. 255p.Cloth $25.00

[Navarro Tomás, Tomás].
            Tomás Navarro Tomás.
A Tentative Bibliography, 1908‑1970. By Theodore S. Beardsley, Jr. Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios Hispánicos, 1. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University, Centro de Estudios Hispánicos, 1971. 16p. Paper $5.00

Nykl, A. R.

            Hispano-Arabic Poetry and its Relations with tbe Old Provençal Troubadours. 1946. 416p. 1986 reprint  Cloth $39.00

[Menéndez Pidal, Ramón].
            Studies in Memory of Ramón Menéndez Pidal. Hispanic Review, special issue, 38:5 (1970).
114p. col. front., 10 illus.      Paper $10.00

[Pérez, Antonio].
Antonio Pérez. By Julia Fitzmaurice Kelly. 
Oxford University Press/HSA, 1922. 170p.     Paper $25.00

Penney, Clara Louisa.
Printed Books, 1468‑1700 in The Hispanic Society of America. 1965. 614p.      Cloth $49.00

Prestage, Edgar
D. Francisco Manuel de Mello. Oxford University Press/HSA, 1922. 98p.     Paper $15.00

Regueiro, J. M. and A. G. Reichenberger.
            Spanish Drama of the Golden Age: A Catalogue of the Manuscript Collection at The Hispanic Society of America.
1984. 2 vols. 847p. 67 illus.   Cloth $125.00

[del Río, Angel].
Bibliografía de Angel del Río.
By Ricardo Florit. Bibliotheca Hispana Novissima, 3 New York: HSA/Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese, Columbia University, 1979. 30p.      Paper $8.00

Rodríguez Moñino, Antonio and María Brey Mariño
Catálogo de los manuscritos poéticos castellanos de The Hispanic Society of America (siglos XV, XVI y XVII). 1965-66. 3 vols. 632; 608; 620p. 138 pl. 15 facs.   
Library edition, Cloth $125.00   

[Sánchez, Francisco].
Francisco Sánchez el Brocense. By Aubrey F. G. Bell. Oxford University Press/HSA, 1925. 166p.   Paper $19.00

[Sepúlveda, Juan Ginés de].
            Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda.
By Aubrey F. G. Bell. Oxford University Press/HSA, 1925. 108p.  Paper $19.00

Serís, Homero.
            Guía de nuevos temas de literatura española.
Ed. D. W. McPheeters. 1973. 415p.  Paper $9.00     Cloth $25.00

            Manual de bibliografía de la literatura española. Primera parte, primer fascículo. Syracuse: Syracuse University, Centro de Estudios Hispánicos, 1948. 422p.       Paper $39.00

            Nuevo ensayo de una biblioteca española de libros raros y curiosos, formada en presencia de los ejemplares de la Biblioteca de The Hispanic Society of America y de la Ticknor Collection en la Boston Public Library. Fascículo segundo, C‑F. 1969. 172p. Cloth $25.00

[Solà-Solé, Josep Maria].
Josep Maria Solà-Solé: Homage, Homenaje, Homenatge.
Ed. Antonio Torres Alcalá. Barcelona: Puvill, 1984. 2 vols.
386; 284p. Paper $95.00

Spalding, Frances.
            Mudejar Ornament in Manuscripts. 1953. 58p. 38 illus.    Cloth $15.00
                                A study of the Mudejar style of manuscript decoration in Spain from the 12th century to the beginning of the 16th century, based on a group of Spanish choir books.

Thomas, Henry.
            Anti-English Propaganda in the Time of Queen Elizabeth: Being the Story of the First English Printing in the Peninsula. Oxford University Press/ HSA, 1946.
20p. 2 facs.       Paper $5.00

            Monstruo y milagro: El gallo resucitado. 1946. 19p. 4 pl. Paper $5.00

Translations from Hispanic Poets. 1938. 271p. Cloth $29.00
Translations by members of the staff of the poetry of Spain and Portugal (13th‑20th centuries) and of Hispanic America (19th‑20th centuries)

[Vives, Luis].
Luis Vives, el Gran Valenciano (1492-1540). By Foster Watson. Oxford University Press/HSA, 1922. 126p. 1987 reprint.         Paper $19.00

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